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Cool Kids: Instagram Followers


Do you want become a celebrity on Instagram? This is a great way to get hundreds of followers on Instagram very fast. Follower Magnet does two things; it is a great way to promote your profile to Instagram users and it's an even better way to track how popular on Instagram. When promoting your app to other Instagram users, all the followers are genuine. Real people following you! You will be amazed by how fast you'll get your followers and be popular on Instagram.
With follower tracking, our free app lets you see how popular you are on Instagram compared to your friends! Unlike other Instagram follower apps, all follower tracking features are completely free.
FREE Features - Popularity Meter - Unfollowers - New Followers - Not Following Me Back - I'm Not Following Back - Ghost Followers - Secret Admirers - My Top Likers - Who I Liked The Most - Who I liked But Not Following - My Top Commenters
Follower Magnet also allows you to promote yourself to Instagram users in our Explore section.Check it out now and your Instagram experience will be changed forever.